Fiery Fox Mary

Named after my Aunt Mary Eversole ( My Uncle Greg Eversole's wife who passed away June 10 2014)

Born on August -16-14

Height- 12.5 inches


JRTCA  NHC to Groundhog on August-19-16

Working Judge- Stephanie Poppe

AWTA  WC to Groundhog on August-19-16

Witness - Stephanie Poppe

JRTCA NHC to Groundhog on July-9-17

Working Judge- Don Gaskell

Winslow Farms Poker Alice

Mary is a very special terrier to us despite she couldn't be registered. She has a great temperament, great with my son and young puppies. She is really blossoming into a great working terrier and so far she has proved to be a great worker on groundhogs and she keeps those groundhogs busy and in one area till we dig to her. Our home is her forever home and we hope to have her in our lives for many years.    


Littlefilds Milkman