Fiery Fox JRT is planning a litter this fall 2022. Keep checking back for more updates.

Planned litter for Briarbirch Jack Russell Terriers

Contact info: Katie Hazlett   Email: or on her facebook like page Briarbirch Jack Russell terriers. Pups are due around June -10- 22

Both Gavin and Scout are Cerf clear, Baer normal, PLL, SCA, DM & NNA normal

Mousemoor Gavin


River Bottom Miss Behaving

aka Scout

_DSC9560_edited-1 - Copy.jpg

Both terriers have great temperaments and excel in performance events at the jrtca trials. Gavin who is owned by Fiery Fox Jrt is doing well in the hunt field and has earned a NHC. Scout is showing great promise in the hunt field. Pups should have great temperaments and drive. Contact Katie Hazlett for more info

Contact Info: Amy Humphrey 704-962-2815 or or

We require a $150 deposit on a puppy. Deposits are taken after the puppies are born.

Deposits are non refundable unless we can not provide a puppy and its not for a particular pup, male/female, color markings etc. We try to accommodate to which pups people want but we try to match the pup to the buyer based on pup's temperament, buyers lifestyle etc.

We also have the right to keep the pick puppy or puppies from each litter. Pups will be BAER tested (hearing tested) before going to their new homes and come with a health guarantee. Pups and adult terriers will only be available to approved homes only. We want what is best for our terriers and to make sure that both the new owner and terrier are suited to each other.

We firmly believe that that genetic health testing, pups being examined and given vaccines by a Vet is just as important as temperament, structure, drive and working ability no matter if you are looking just for a companion or show/work we want to help ensure healthy pups. We show proof of all health test to puppy buyers.

Please note: We may ship dogs and puppies depending on the circumstances otherwise you must come and pick up your puppy.