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I don't have any puppies available at this time. Keep checking back for updates.

Contact Info: Amy Humphrey

In order to be on my waiting list for a puppy I require a $100 deposit. Deposits will go towards the total price. Puppies will be evaluated just before going to their new homes at 8 weeks old and are matched to the buyers based on puppy's temperamentsbuyer's lifestyle etc.

Deposits are nonrefundable unless I cannot provide a puppy. 

I also have the right to keep the pick puppy or puppies from each litter. Pups will come with a health guarantee. Pups and adult terriers will only be available to approved homes only. I want what is best for our terriers and to make sure that both the new owner and terrier are suited to each other.

Please note that I don't breed litters often and only breed one litter every couple years or so. I only breed to try to improve the breed and our breeding program and not to make money

Please note: I may ship dogs and puppies depending on the circumstances otherwise you must come and pick up your puppy.

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